Networking, Live Contact and Updates are the most necessary and inevitable needs in today’s era of information. Made In Gujarat Newsletter — A Quarterly Publication from this Full Service Provider Business Promotion Company will serve and cater to this inevitable need in very specific and effective way. Latest business happenings, policies, news, innovations, recognitions and anything & everything which is happening and is going to happen within business will be published in a interesting and lucid manner to feed your thoughts and needs

  • Size : A3 — tabloid, full color, soft bound magazine
  • Print Quantity : 20000 copies
  • Sell : 75% through subscriptions, book stores, and trade shows
  • Distribution : 25% free to advertisers, corporate, trade associations, embassies, government and business events

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News Bulletin

We have Launched Made In Gujarat Community Website -

We have Successfully Completed our 9th International Trade Show @ Los Angeles, USA

We are pleased to announce you that our upcoming USA Trade Show is in March 23, 24 & 25 2017

We are pleased to announce Gujarat Citizens that we have launched B2B Portal only for Gujarat based companies This B2B Portal is visible and actively, vigorously market your products in 76 Countries of the world Please click on below link

MIG Movie

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