We want to create Long Lived Physical Recognition for Business Community of Gujarat and India.

To Create Awareness and Promote Brand GUJARAT and BRAND INDIA across the Globe, We organize Series of Trade Shows worldwide as Made In Gujarat & India Business Trade Show

We make sure the success of participation by selecting Thriving Business Locations like Dubai, Africa, Singapore, Hannover — Germany, USA, Japan, Malaysia, North America, UK and Hong Kong internationally.

Catalog Shows for Emerging Enterprises
  • Engineering, Machine Manufacturing and Equipments
  • Automotive Industry
  • Textile, Fabrics and Garments
  • Electricals, Electronics, Automation & Instrumentation
  • Biomedical, Pharmaceuticals, Life Sciences and Healthcare
  • Dyes, Chemicals, Intermediates and Petrochemicals
  • Retail, Personal Care & Lifestyle
  • Service Sector, Sub Contracting and Professionals
  • Ceramic, Sanitary and Building Construction Material

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