Q1. Why Participate in an International Trade Exhibitions?

Participating in an international trade exhibition can be one of the best investments you make in your company’s export building strategy.

International trade exhibitions can be a highly effective and powerful export marketing tool

International Exhibitions:
  • Are global market places of commerce and trade — thriving meeting places for buyers and sellers from around the world
  • Are long acknowledged as a key cornerstone of international business
  • Are powerful marketing tools
  • Are meeting places for businesses with their customers
  • Offer invaluable market research opportunities
  • Are places where business is actually done

Q2. What can a trade exhibition offer to your company’s international profit building strategy?

Meet & Obtain New Clients
  • An International Exhibition will bring 100s & 1000s of targeted visitors through its door every day.
  • Essentially, that means a one stop shop of meeting people who are potentially interested in your products & services
  • Face to face meeting with who’s who of industries and make them aware about your products
  • Market your product to your targeted audience
  • A trade exhibition is a sophisticated market place of your industry. It is a concentration of senior people, key decision makers, buyers and sellers who can potentially affect your business.
  • Demonstrate your market commitment and increase your profile in the market
A flexible marketing tool that can be used at any phase of an export strategy

Participating in an International trade exhibition is substantial; an event can deliver you cost-effective International opportunities. It is a very flexible marketing tool that can be used at any phase of an export strategy:

Market Development

To explore the market

Market Maintenance

To consolidate and follow up on contacts made on previous visits.

Market Expansion

To grow market presence, to demonstrate market commitment by supporting your distributors and agents.

Q3. How you can maximize outcome by participation in international trade exhibition?

  • Select Trade exhibition
  • View your participation as a long term investment and incorporate it into your export
  • Appoint a local agent/distributor, launch a new product) and measure the outcomes of your participation.
  • Use every opportunity to make contacts for your business. Work the event itself, spend time in advance in establishing contacts and planning who you would like to meet.
  • Ensure you promptly follow up on all the promising new contacts and industry insights you have gained. Measure the outcomes of your participation against your per-determined objectives.

Q4. Why Trade shows are important for your business?

  • Meet your target market face to face
  • Hands on product demonstration
  • Network with other industry professional
  • Place advertisement in newspaper and hope it reaches to your target audience
  • Excellent Branding opportunity
  • Relationship building
  • Meetings with Retailers, Manufacturers, buyers, Merchandiser etc.
Trade Shows Importance for Company & Business
  • Participation in a trade show, or even sponsorship of one, costs Company money. With the economy slumping, one of the cost-cutting options a company is likely to consider is bowing out of trade show involvement.
  • However, cancellation of a trade show appearance can be a self-defeating action.
  • If you “save” the $25,000 cost of participating in a trade show but miss out on the $50,000 of contract or sales opportunities that the trade show could have generated, you are not coming out ahead. To make sales, you must make contacts.
  • You need to look at how many leads you gain from a trade show, and then how many partners or customers you are likely to cultivate as a result of those leads. Demonstrate a positive balance sheet. Show that trade show participation is a profitable investment rather than an expense.
  • If you can’t show those positive numbers from a trade show, then you might be doing something wrong. Review the appearance of your booth, the information in your materials, the talking points and the strategies that you have been using.
  • According to surveys that have appeared in business magazines, about 3/4 of attendees at trade shows are those with the authority to spend company money. Many are eager to find new partners
  • Costs involved in trade show participation can be evaluated both before and after the event.


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